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Looking for that 'network' effect

Students and alumni at a table

Every January, DAN Management and Organizational Studies students are invited to kick off the New Year by coming together with alumni for an evening of networking at the DAN Management Students' Association (DMSA) Connect event.

This year's event – the 8th annual – took place on Jan. 13 and was sold out, drawing more than 100 students looking to engage with 20 alumni and receive tips on how to transition from university to the professional business world.

"It's an opportunity for students to invest in their careers," says Chanelle Muir, BMOS'16, DMSA President. "It's a daunting task to make that move from academics to the workforce. We're really fortunate to have such engaged alumni take part. They've been where students today are now and they're so willing to share their expertise and to give back."

The event format consists of two segments: the first, a "speed dating" rotation, introduces students to five different graduates from their chosen stream (Consumer Behaviour, Human Resources, Accounting or Finance). Following that, there is an open-floor networking hour where students can approach alumni more informally.

"These events are critical so students can learn how to network, how to compete and how to market themselves," Muir explains, adding that there have been people who have been hired as a result of contacts they've made during CONNECT. "With any networking event, you don't just network with that one alumnus or alumna, but with that person's entire network as well. It's a chain effect."

Joelle Elfassy, BMOS'12, who sits on the DAN Management Alumni Advisory Council, has been participating as an alumni volunteer at the event for the past three years and says it's not just students who benefit from these opportunities.

"It's also a time for self-reflection for alumni. We put ourselves in the students' shoes and remember our own journey. A lot of students are lost and unsure and many of us were there once. We all had a journey and it's about helping them on theirs. There are so many possibilities open to them and we can help them succeed and provide them with the tools they need," she says.

"When young professionals get involved, students feel like they can talk to us and ask us questions. If they have access to us and we're accessible to them, we can help prepare them for when they're employees."

Katelyn Cox, BMOS'16, a fourth-year student and first-time CONNECT attendee, agrees the event was successful, not only in giving students the opportunity to learn how to behave in a professional way, but also to make connections that can last long after the event.

"A number of people I know have begun a dialogue online with alumni they met. It's so valuable to have that chance to talk to young grads about any challenges they faced or any tips they may have," she says. "It really is true what they say: these days your network is your net worth."