DAN Management and Organizational StudiesWestern Social Science

DAN Management Student Association (DMSA)

The DAN Management Student Association (DMSA) is your portal to student life within the program. In overseeing a variety of social events and academic initiatives, DMSA members will benefit from networking opportunities, shared passion for the program and the opportunity to get university club experience.

For questions, queries or just information on how to get involved, e-mail us at: dmsawestern@gmail.com

Meet our Team:

Name Email Address Field of Study
Matt Leach Matthew Leach


4th Year, 
Consumer Behavior
Ciara Maynard Ciara Maynard
VP Communications
Oversees communications, marketing and promotion


4th Year,
Consumer Behavior
Marilyn Xu Marilyn Xu
VP Events
Ovesees Alumni Outreach and Event Planning/Execution


4th Year,
Ali Rizvi Ali Rizvi
VP External
Oversees Sponsorship, DAN Case Competition Team, Charity, and Community Outreach


3rd Year,
Consumer Behavior
Ryan Henderson Ryan Henderson
VP Finance
Oversees Budgets, Sponsorship, and Merchandise


3rd Year,
Consumer Behavior