Notes for Non-MOS Students

This is a resource for those students who are not currently in the BMOS degree program but are working towards entering it.  As with any of our resources, if you still have questions, please reach out to the Advisors.

We will be most happy to provide personal guidance as you navigate your degree. 

There are some restrictions that you will face as you shadow the BMOS degree:

  • You may take a maximum of 1.0 MOS courses from September to April and another 1.0 MOS from May to August.  We do not make exceptions to this regulation so plan your selections carefully and in advance!

  • Once a course is full, you cannot add it unless another student drops to make space before the last day to add. We do not overfill our courses.   The best way to avoid this is to register AS SOON AS YOU'RE ABLE!

  • To enter the BMOS degree program:
    MAIN CAMPUS STUDENTS: you need 70% on your last 5.0 courses with an overall cumulative average of 65%.  
    AFFILIATED COLLEGE STUDENTS: you need 70% on your last 5.0 courses with an overall cumulative average of 70%.
    Your cumulative average includes every course taken at Western (if you received an F, that will be included as a 40% in this average). 

  • SUMMER COURSES:  If you are not eligible to enter BMOS in May, non-MOS students may ask to enter BMOS after their Summer Intersession courses.  You must complete ALL of your Summer courses during the Intersession ONLY and submit your request to us by no later than June 30
    If you are enrolled in other sessions (ie: Summer Evening) that extend beyond June 30, you will not be eligible to request to enter BMOS in Summer. You will have to wait until the following Intent to Register/May. 

  • If you were in a BMOS degree but your average fell below the 65% required to progress, you can re-enter BMOS after you have completed at least 5.0 more courses and attained the 70% average over those 5.0 AND also brought your cumulative back above the 65% requirement. 

  • In some cases, students continue to struggle to enter the BMOS degree.  
    In that situation, we would advise that you consider your degree pathway and whether there is a subject that interests you or that you excel at which would be a better fit.  Ask yourself:  Do you enjoy what you are learning? Is there something you enjoy more? What/Where is your passion?
    To discuss your possible alternatives, please contact the Social Science Academic Counsellors.

We would remind students who are struggling to enter BMOS to be kind to yourself.  University is not easy and it is not supposed to be.  It can be overwhelming at times! 

We have caring staff who are ready to help guide you but our guidance can only go so far.  It is you, the student, who earns the grades and earns the degree. It is you who makes the choices of what pathway to choose. 

Take time to Stop, Breathe, and Focus on what is important now and in this term. Try not to bog down in what will or won't happen; these "what-ifs" can be harmful. 

A final thought.  We are here for academic guidance, but you also have a wealth of health, wellness, and academic resources available to you.  If you need help, please reach out!