Exchange Program

Start planning your Exchange early!   

It is highly recommended that you plan your exchange for your third year, in order to ensure you will meet your degree requirements.  
If you attend an exchange in your final year, please note that it may delay your graduation to the following ceremony depending on when grades are released by the host University. 

For DAN Management students, some Universities will be better exchange partners than others.  In advance of selecting your school, do some research. Find out what courses they offer and whether there are restrictions on certain courses. 

To start, you apply for an Exchange through the International Exchange Program:

Upon acceptance into the exchange program, you will receive an Exchange form from their office. The following instructions are for course evaluations only.  Please follow the direction of the Exchange Office on the steps to become a Visiting student on Exchange.

Next, you must complete the following steps for course evaluation: 

  1. Review the University you plan to attend and locate the courses available to Visiting Students.
    In most cases, not all courses offered by the host institution will be available to you. 

  2. Make a list of all of the courses you wish to have reviewed. 
    Choose more courses than you plan to study so that you have options should any be denied or unavailable by the time you register.

  3. Download a copy of the Full, detailed course syllabi from the host University for each course you wish to have evaluated.
    This must be the current version to be eligible for review.  Old syllabi will be rejected.

  4. Complete the top portion of the Exchange Form and sign the bottom.  Leave the table blank for now. 

  5. Submit your Exchange form and course syllabi to the Help Portal

  6. Once we have completed our review, we will return the form to you on the Help Portal and notify you of the results of our evaluation. 
    If there are any courses not offered by our Department, we will direct you to the relevant Departments for their approval. DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies Advisors will only evaluate courses that fall under our scope.   

  7. Once all courses have been approved by the relevant Departments, you must submit your form and descriptions to the Academic Counsellors via their Help Portal for review and final approvalDO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! 
    Your Exchange Request is not complete until you have received the Faculty/Academic Counsellor approval.

  8. Follow the next steps in attending a University abroad as directed by the Exchange Office.

In some cases, courses become unavailable after you have left for your exchange.  We will review additional courses through the Help Portal.  Be sure to reach out to us for assistance or advice!

Interested in Studying in...

Australia: Bond University

A popular option among our students wishing to visit Australia, particularly for those seeking electives in the Marketing area. 

Visit the Exchange site for more information

Visit the Bond University website

Germany: Worms University

Ideal for Commercial Aviation Management Non-flight students looking to study at a foreign University.  
*NOTE: Flight students considering Exchange should consult with the CAM Representative prior to applying to ensure they are a good candidate.  
Business courses are taught in English with semesters running from September to January and March to July.  They are a small University located just south of Frankfurt. 

Visit the Exchange site for more information

Visit the Worms University website

Germany: European Business School

Another popular German destination for DAN Management students looking to study abroad.  Half of their courses are taught in English, but they do offer German lessons to visiting students. When selecting courses, be sure to choose Modules, rather than individual courses to ensure you are receiving the correct number of ECTS.   The full course load for one semester at EBS is 30 ECTS Credits. 

Please note: (from the EBS Handbook) EBS Bachelor's courses are taught in modules.  Modules are groups of courses which are linked together by a single exam and which can only be registered for as a whole.  Example: Module M-FIN2-002 "Finance" consists of the two courses " L-FIN2-002 Corporate Finance and Valuation" and "L-FIN2-003 Real Estate Fundamentals and Finance".  It is not possible to attend only L-FIN2-002 or only L-FIN2-003.  Students have to register in the entire module (here = 2 courses). 

Visit the Exchange site for more information

Visit the EBS website

The Netherlands: Radboud University

Radboud University is a new exchange partner looking to host DAN Management students. Offering a variety of courses within their Nijmegen School of Business that applies to Western University courses. Credits taken must be a minimum of 6 ECTS = 0.5 Western credits.  
Students should watch out for the Semester Abroad program with Instructor Maria Ferraro held in January each year. Participants attend Radboud and complete three Western courses with Maria (MOS 3370B, 3367B and 3330B) plus two Radboud courses of their choosing from Semester 2 Block 3. 

Visit the Exchange site for more information

Visit the Radboud website