Enrollment Steps

Step 1

  • Attend mandatory Industry Internship Program Information Session (see Schedule of Activities). Visit the DAN Industry Internship Program web site… then…read information carefully and bring questions/concerns to the DAN Internship Coordinator.

If you decide to participate…

Step 2

  • Attend an Industry Internship Resume and Interview Workshop (see Schedule of Activities) and bring your updated resumé. This is mandatory for enrollment in the Program and to be approved.

Step 3

  • Register at http://westerncareercentral.ca by completing the form on the website (Online registration opens September 17, 2018 and closes November 23, 2018 @ 4:30pm).
  • Prepare a resumé and draft a cover letter (Employment Help Centre, UCC210 is available for individual counseling).

Step 4

  • Meet with the DAN Internship Assistant to review your resume. Please register for an internship appointment on Career Central.
    If you are unable to meet with the DAN Internship Assistant, please email the DAN Internship Coordinator (Michelle Loveland) at mlovelan@uwo.ca
  • International Students accepted into the DAN Internship Program will need a letter from their Faculty as proof that the work term is mandatory, must apply for a co-op work permit no later than January 31, 2019, and must also have a Social Insurance Number. For additional information on co-operative permits, please visit: www.iesc.uwo.ca/visas/index.html

Deadline for Steps 1- 4 is November 23, 2018 at 4:30pm

If enrollment is approved…

Step 5

  • The DAN Internship Coordinator will have MOS 3494 (it is not a normal course) added to your record. It will not trigger a course overload.
Step 6
  • Visit the Western Career Central Website on a regular basis to view the job descriptions and interview schedules etc. Apply for as many positions as you like – make sure to check the application deadline dates. See Applying for Positions.
  • Jobs are posted November to August.

Step 7

  • Students who are not successful in securing an Internship work term will be withdrawn from MOS 3494, with no academic penalty, and will not be liable for the administrative fee.