Program Requirements

Students in this program are required to complete all 5 Graduate Level courses with an overall average of 70% and no individual mark less than 60%: 

PAD 9005: Integrated Approach to the Competencies
PAD 9010: Advanced Finance and Corporate Financial Reporting
PAD 9012: Performance Management
PAD 9014: Advanced Taxation Case Writing
PAD 9016: Advanced Assurance

To ensure students are staying on target, checkpoints will be instituted at the end of each course set. 


Students are entering a Professional program and therefore must behave accordingly.  As such, the following expectations must be observed:

a) Students will sign a Student Code of Conduct on the first day of class.

b) Academic offenses will NOT be tolerated.  The requirements will be reviewed with students before each exam.

c) Students must come prepared to class each day.  This entails fully completing the homework assigned for that class, and are expected to be ready to fully participate in all activities and classes at all times.  There will not be time to become prepared in class!

d) Professional behavior with respect to use of electronic devices while in the classroom is expected at all times.  We understand that there are emergencies, so if you need to take a phone call, or send a text message or e-mail, please excuse yourself and quietly step out of the room to do so.

e) Perfect attendance is mandatory in all classes and exams.  Exceptions must be pre-approved by the Director and accommodations will only be granted where authorized by SGPS.   Please note that there will be no classes on June 14, which is the day of the DAN Management Convocation Ceremony, so we hope you will be able to celebrate that day with your friends and family.

f) Students are expected to purchase the casebooks for use in the classroom as assigned.  Copyrights will be upheld.  Reproduction of casebooks is not acceptable.


Examinations will be completed on laptop computers using special exam-writing software. Exams will be 4 hours long.  Midterm exams will be scheduled in class by your Professor and there will be no makeup examinations permitted for midterms.