Additional Modules

Considerations for students adding an additional module to their BMOS degree.

An additional module can be a wonderful enhancement to a students' degree program, but there are some things students must take into consideration when opting to add an additional module (ie: Minor or Major).

1) You cannot add a Major in BMOS to any of our degree programs.  Your additional module must be from outside of DAN Management (such as Biology, Psychology, or English).  

2) Double counting courses is not permitted.  If your additional Major or Minor requires the same or similar courses, you MUST speak to a DAN Advisor or Academic Counsellor to discuss how to manage this overlap. In most cases, you will be required to take additional MOS courses to cover the overlap. 

3) Minors do not appear on Diplomas. A minor is only recognized on your official transcripts and does not receive recognition on your diploma. 

4) You may need more than 20.0 courses.  A standard 4 year degree at Western requires 20.0 courses to graduate. Often students taking additional Majors and/or Minors will need to take more than this to satisfy the requirements. For example, an Honors Specialization in Accounting with a Major in English will require 5.0 Year 1 courses, 10.5 modular courses for Accounting, and 6.0 modular courses for English totalling 21.5 courses.

5) Don't wait until just before graduation to seek advice! At least once per year, visit your DAN Advisors to see if you are on track and to identify any potential issues you may encounter.  It is better to catch these early then to receive a notice from us that you are not eligible to graduate.

Let me repeat:  At least ONCE per year, visit your DAN Advisors for a program review.