Program Planning

Planning your program means making use of a variety of available tools to ensure you are making the right decisions for you and are meeting the mandatory requirements for your degree. 

Key Terms


A period of academic assessment by the Departments, Faculties, and Affiliated University Colleges concerned, to determine a student's eligibility for admission to, progression in, or graduation from requested degree and module choices.

There are two periods of adjudication: May--assessment of a student's final grades from the Fall/Winter term; August--assessment of a student's final grades from the Spring/Summer term.

Be sure to review the Progression and Graduation Requirements for your intended program.

Course Load

To be considered a Full Time student, you must carry a course load between 3.5 and 5.0 from September to April.  In exceptional circumstances, students may be granted an additional 1.0 course bringing the totale to 6.0.

A Part time student takes 3.0 courses or fewer from September to April.

Course load in the Summer session is limited to a maximum 2.5 courses. However, no more than 2.0 courses may be taken simultaneously (excluding Distance Studies courses), and if 2.0 courses are taken simultaneously, only 1.0 course may be a laboratory/tutorial course.

Degree Type

The degree in the DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies is a BMOS degree which stands for Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies. It is a specifically named degree which captures the nature of our unique interdisciplinary program.

Graduation or Program Checks

Students wishing to have their BMOS degree requirements reviewed are welcome to either email your request or come in during walk-in hours. Email is preferred and response time is typically within a day.  

Students are advised not to rely on the Program Planning Tool on their Student Centre.  The results often fail for BMOS students and it is recommended that instead, students receive a program check by the Advisors or Faculty Academic Counsellors. 

Please note, however, that if you have an additional Major or Minor outside of DAN Management modules, we will be unable to review those requirements.  You will be responsible to review those requirements with that Department or by visiting the Academic Counselling Office. 

Intent to Register/Program Changes

During February and March, students must indicate to Western that they plan to return the following September by completing an Intent to Register online. If you do not complete an Intent to Register, then it is assumed that you do not plan to return in September. If you are unsure if you wish to return or not, it is a good idea to submit an Intent to Register anyway.  You are not obligated to return, it is simply to inform Western of your intention.  In addition, the Intent to Register also gives you the opportunity to declare your modules, degree, and full- or part-time status.  Students may choose to stay in the same program, or apply for a new program. 

To help students to make an informed decision on which program they wish to pursue, the Departments and Faculties offer information sessions to assist you in planning. Watch your email and the University's websites for information in late January and early February as details come available. You may also refer to the Registrar's webpage for updates.


There are seven areas of study under the DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies and two to three module options within those seven areas:

  • Accounting (Honors Specialization, Honors Double Major, Specialization)
  • Commercial Aviation Management  (Honors Specialization, Honors Double Major, Specialization)
  • Consumer Behavior (Honors Specialization, Honors Double Major, Specialization)
  • Finance (Honors Specialization, Honors Double Major, Specialization)
  • Human Resources Management (Honors Specialization, Honors Double Major, Specialization)
  • Management & Legal Studies (Coming September 2019; Honors Specialization, Specialization)
  • Public Administration -- Admission discontinued effective September 1, 2019 --

You can visit the Program Information for details on the subject area, or you may use Module Checklists to review the courses required for each module.

Pre-Ivey/AEO Students

Our Advisors are unable to provide advice or suggestions for students who are also intending to apply to Ivey in their third year. Students interested in pursuing this option should familiarize themselves with the AEO Student Handbook and should direct any Ivey/AEO questions to the Advisors available at the Ivey Business School.  We can, however, provide you with advice on your course selections for the BMOS program to ensure you are meeting requirements and will progress through your requirements.