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Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies will be able to complete an

in one of the seven Areas of Specialization:  Accounting, Commercial Aviation Management, Consumer Behavior, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management & Legal Studies, or Public Administration.

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Our Accounting program offers courses in Canadian Accounting, Audit and Taxation to prepare students for employment in the Accounting field. All required courses are provided for students interested in pursuing the Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) designation. Visit Professional Designations for more information on the CPA program.


Commercial Aviation Management

Commercial Aviation Management (CAM) provides the opportunity to earn a Transport Canada approved Integrated Commercial Pilot’s Licence while attaining a BMOS Degree.  Students in CAM pursue courses in human factors in aviation, aviation law, airport planning and management.  This Specialization may be taken with or without the flight option. Visit our CAM webpages for more information

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior is for students interested in understanding the multiplicity of factors that determine what the consumer buys, when and where they buy, and more importantly, why they buy.  These factors include information use and decision making, personality and lifestyle, perception, learning, self-concept, attitudes and values, demographics, and society and culture.  This knowledge is combined with the various techniques employed to attract and serve customers, thus forming the basis for strategic marketing decisions.


Finance provides students with the qualitative and quantitative skills for understanding how financial decisions are made in private and public sector organizations.  Students are provided with a thorough understanding of the workings of the economy, financial markets, and financial products and instruments.  Students learn valuable core skills necessary to assist businesses in their financial decisions, and prepares them for successful careers in financial sector firms and the finance function of any organization.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management  is for students interested in how organizations manage their human resources to achieve organizational goals and key results.  Human resources are an organization’s competitive advantage and managing these resources effectively is critical to success.  Students pursue courses in the major responsibilities of the HRM function in an organization (e.g., Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Health and Safety, Compensation and Benefits, etc.) as well as courses in best practices for the effective management of employees.  All courses required for the professional HR designation (CHRP) are available in DAN Management.

Management & Legal Studies

Our newest modules introduced to DAN Management allows students to become versed in the law requirements as it pertains to Organizational Management in Canada.  This symbiotic pairing of subject areas provides students with the knowledge they need to become effective and efficient managers in any discipline. While this is not a pre-law program, students may consider pursuing a career in Law post-graduation. Visit the Western Law webpage for more information. 
Students will discover courses such as Contract Law, Public Administration and Theory, Public Law, and Enterprise Risk Management.