Students with Advanced Standing

Transfer students arriving at Western must complete 5.0 courses at Western with a minimum 70% average in order to be considered for admission to BMOS.

We understand that you may arrive with a number of Business-related transfer credits, thus you should contact us immediately to begin the evaluation process. The resulting evaluation will be conditional upon entering a BMOS degree program.

The DAN Management Advisors will only be evaluating courses that are similar to MOS courses (ie: Business, Accounting, Marketing..).  It is your responsibility to contact the other Departments for evaluations before submitting your request to the DAN Management office (for example: an Economics 1020TRN should be evaluated by the Department of Economics). 
Click here for a list of Advanced Standing Contacts. 

Credit evaluation is a lengthy process.  

Please be patient as we go through them and ensure we are making the best decision for your case.  It is wise to start as early as possible to ensure you will not miss out before the registration period ends or courses have filled up. 

It is also important to note that we are accredited by several professional organizations so courses will never be given as exactly equivalent, but will always be used in substitute for a MOS requirement.
In some cases, you will be required to repeat a credit and lose the transfer credit you've received (for example: Introduction to Canadian Taxation is required for the CPA designation; if you have received a Chinese Taxation course credit, it will pertain to Chinese regulations and not Canadian, thus we will require you to take our MOS courses). 

Visit the Counselling Website for full details on Transfer Credit Evaluation:

Questions to ask: 

Have you visited Academic Counselling or other Departments to get non-MOS courses evaluated?

It helps us to better advise you if you have had the non-business courses evaluated prior to contacting our office.  Transfer credits such as Economics or Philosophy will need to go through those individual departments for evaluation. 
Knowing how these courses will be perceived by Western will allow us to provide a comprehensive program check and ensure the course selection advice we give you is correct.

Have your transfer credits been finalized and approved?

We will only evaluate courses you have received from the Admissions Office.  Any pending credits should be cleared up prior to submitting your request to our office. 
The courses being reviewed MUST appear on your Western Academic Record. 

Understandably, students take many other courses at their other institution, but only certain ones are eligible to transfer to Western.  For this reason, we will not evaluate courses prior to their being officially granted by Admissions.

Do you have printed copies of all of your course outlines?

We cannot proceed with your evaluations without full, detailed copies of your outlines.

Brief course descriptions are NOT sufficient.  Be sure to acquire these copies in advance of contacting our office to help us expedite the process.