Speaker Series: Dr. David Anderson - November 6

The exercise of organizational power: A perspective on corporate governance

Monday, November 6, 2017
1:30 pm 

Abstract: David makes a living advising corporate leaders on the exercise of power in their ownership, governance and management roles. He's found it helpful to appreciate the interests inherent in these different (and legitimately different) vantage points representing the three core constituents of corporate power. With this understanding, he works with leaders to identify common purpose, values and objectives as a means to create the value made possible by organized human endeavour. Based on his experiences with such leaders, in his talk he will share some observations, insights and questions he has with the intention of stimulating thinking and engaging in dialogue. If attendees have any questions or points they would like him to consider ahead of time for discussion, they are welcome to email David at david.anderson@taglar.com and include in the subject line “Western DAN talk on corporate governance”.

About the Speaker: David got his PhD in I/O Psychology from Western University and now is a practitioner related to corporate governance and leadership. He is the founder and CEO of The Anderson Leadership Group and The Anderson Governance Group, two complementary advisory firms serving an international clientele of corporate leaders. His full bio can be found here: http://taglar.com/team/#principals.