For Researchers

To familiarize students with the methods of scientific research studies in management and to provide first-hand experiences with the procedures presented in the lectures, MOS 1021A/B includes a voluntary research experience component. This research experience component involves the opportunity for voluntary participation in one (1) research study that will take no longer than one hour to complete, in return for one bonus percentage point in the MOS 1021A/B course.

As an alternative, students who do not wish to participate in a research study may earn the voluntary bonus one percentage point towards their final grade by reading one (1) research article published in a management journal available from a selection provided online.

For detailed instructions on how researchers can use the DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies Research Participant Pool to run research studies please click on the following link.

Researcher Instructions

To request approval to post a research study please fill out the “Researcher Participant Request Form” which can be accessed through the following link.

Researcher Participant Request Form