Commercial Aviation Management

The Commercial Aviation Management (CAM)program at the Western University is a stepping stone to a career in aviation.  CAM students will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS), with specialized courses in aviation management.  In Canada, this type of aviation education is available exclusively at Western University.

The CAM program was developed in response to the changing Canadian aviation industry, which is increasingly requiring a university degree.  Whether pursuing a position as a pilot, manager, or other professional career; the aviation industry values the skills acquired through a university education.  The sky is the limit for graduates of the CAM program as, many choose to begin their careers, many others decide to pursue advanced education.  CAM alumni have gone on to successfully complete law school and MBA’s to broaden their professional horizons.

Today's aviation industry offers many challenging career opportunities. As air transportation systems increase in sophistication, and the role of the pilot changes, airlines are looking for employees who possess an optimal mix of academic knowledge and aviation skills.  Within the CAM program, students have the option of combining their four-year Bachelor’s degree with professional pilot flight training.  CAM students graduating with the Flight Option would receive a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Studies and a Transport Canada approved Integrated Commercial Pilot’s License (ICPL) with Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings.  These credentials allow one to act as a professional pilot while being capable of assuming management responsibilities, both on the ground and in the air.  In addition, as pilots are required to hold a valid medical certificate, in the unfortunate event of an unforeseen medical issue a BMOS degree allows students to pursue professional positions in aviation management (which is not an option with a college-level pilot program).

Commercial Aviation Management at Western University, which was started in 1999, has been a success and is growing year after year. The program is building a positive reputation within the aviation industry and has brought awareness to the Western University.

Why Western?

  • The University of Western Ontario, founded in 1878, is one of the Canada's oldest universities
  • Western consistently ranks among the best universities in the world
  • Western will provide you with the best student experience
  • Western is dedicated to research: support for research projects totals nearly $190 million per year
  • Western is committed to quality in teaching
  • Western is the first Canadian university to offer an aviation management program and the only university to offer a 4 year university degree in Aviation Management

Why Choose Commercial Aviation Management at Western?

  • This unique program will enable you to translate your hobby into a future career
  • Join a program that is focused on preparing you for a career, with a reputation for professionalism throughout the university
  • Small aviation management class sizes (usually around 35) allow students to receive individual attention from distinguished aviation professors
  • Gain recognition and credibility within the industry and show you are a professional committed to the safety, management, security, efficiency and acceptance of business aviation
  • You will graduate with a university degree in management
    • Those in the flight option will additionally be licensed to commercially fly aircraft
  • Those in the flight option complete training during the academic year, up to the end of June, leaving most of the summer free for students to pursue employment, internship, or additional educational opportunities
  • An ideal preparation for employment in both private and public sectors of the aviation industry
  • The BMOS Degree is a stepping stone to MBA programs, law or other professional schools

Current Students

Prospective Students