Research Grant Funding

DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies faculty members obtain research funds from major external funding agencies. Below is a list of current funding.

SSHRCC Insight Grants

Date: 2020-2024
Name: Johanna Weststar (co-applicant)
Title: "The First Three Years"
Amount: $ 347,080

Date: 2020-2024
Name: Mark Cleveland 
Title: "Blurred Ethnic Boundaries: The Palette of Mixed-Ethnic Identity and the Canvas of Consumer Behavior"
Amount: $ 98,670

SSHRCC Insight Development Grants

Date: 2019-2021
Name: Bonnie Simpson (co-applicant)
Title: “I Don’t Want to Be Like ____” How Consumer Identities Can Divide and Unite in an Increasingly Polarized World
Amount: $64,497

Date: 2019-2021
Name: Jun Wang (PI) 
Title: Why Should We Care About Pension Benefits?
Amount: $49,232

Date: 2017-2019
Name: Bonnie Simpson (PI)
Title: A Global Food Paradox: Examining the Relationship Between Resource Scarcity and Food Waste
Amount: $62,219

Date: 2016-2019 
Name: Jun Wang (PI)
Title: Does Dual Holding by Institutional Investors Make a Big Difference?
Amount: $49,626

Date: 2016-2018
Name: Jennifer Robertson (PI)
Title: The Causes, Methods and Effects of Brownwashing
Amount: $49,305

SSHRC Internal Travel Grant

Date: August 2019 Competition
Name: Mark Cleveland 
Amount: $2,500

SSHRC Partnership Program

Date: 2017-2024 
Name: Johanna Weststar (co-applicant through CRIMT)
Title: "Institutional Experimentation for Better Work"
Amount: $2,500,000

Dancap Private Equity Research Grant

Date: June 2020 Competition
Name: Mark Cleveland
Amount: $1,827.33

Date: December 2019 Competition
Name: Mark Cleveland
Amount: $3,944.78

Date: June 2019 Competition
Name: Mark Cleveland
Amount: $2,460.06