Before Choosing Your Program

Congratulations and Welcome to Western University DAN Management!

Dan Management offers a compelling blend of management and social science disciplines. As a student in Dan Management you have the option to pursue an

  • Honors Specialization,
  • Honors Double Major, or
  • Specialization

in one of the following Areas of programs:



Commercial Aviation Management jpg

Commercial Aviation Management

Consumer Behaviour jpg

Consumer Behavior

Finance jpg


human resources management jpg

Human Resources Management

management legal studies jpg

Management and Legal Studies

To obtain further details regarding admission criteria, mandatory courses, and related information, please click on the program above that aligns with your interests.

Students are not yet in a program in their first year! You will select your program in March of your first year during the Intent to Register period.


Western Orientation Program 

Western has a very comprehensive Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) program . This invaluable opportunity allows incoming students to plan a day to visit the campus, get to know some of our Faculty and Staff, choose your Year 1 courses, and take care of any administrative tasks that will need to be done (ie: your Student ID card).  If you are not able to come in person, don't worry! They offer Telephone and E-advising options!

Don't delay! Sign up for your SAO Appointment TODAY!


Transferring From Another Institution

Students coming from other institution who already obtained credits in your previous study, will be admitted as a senior student in the Faculty of Social Science. 

You will need the previous courses evaluated for equivalency with us. The Program Advisors will review each course and guidance about which courses you should take.

Contact your advisor and begin the evaluation process.  

After completing the required additional courses, you will be permitted to choose your program


Obtaining A Second Degree

Students with an undergraduate degree will become a Special Student. You may wish to remain a Special Student and complete a few coursesor intend to complete a  Second Degree

Contact your advisor and begin the evaluation process to determine how many courses you must complete and the next steps.