Congratulations DAN Case Competition Team!

Congratulations Daman Ahluwalia, Anant Vijay and Padmini Aysola for placing 1st in the Western Case Competition on November 23! 

Scratchd Competition

Date: November 23/14

Competition Name: Scratchd Case Competition via Western Case Competitions Club 

Competing Members: Padmini Aysola, Anant Vijay, Daman Ahluwalia

Place: 1st

Teams Competing: 8

The competition was a marketing case from a local company in London called Scratchd. Scratchd has digitalized the “Scratch and win” promotion by allowing smartphone users to scratch and save on the go through their mobile devices.

The team was faced with the task of creating a marketing campaign with a budget of $40,000 that would attain the following objectives:
1) Achieve revenues of $3 million within the next five years
2) Be the go to engine for digital chance-to-win promotions
3) Be the largest provider of digital scratch and win services
4) Increase brand awareness