DAN Case Competition Teams

MRG Team

(l-r) Sumiya Abdul Mannan, Alessia Toritto, Fraser Gray-Smith, Meagan Kehl

The MRG Team competed in the Millennium Research Group's "Business and Healthcare" case competition, in London on Saturday 9/13, and placed 2nd out of 19 teams.

Rotman Team

(l-r) Michael Yeung, Patrick Brennan, Sumiya Abdul Mannan, Fraser Gray-Smith, Nathan Langen.
Not Pictured: Stephen Leung.

The Rotman Trading team competed at the Rotman International Trading Competition, a competition that we've participated in both this year and last year. The competition revolved around trading a number of different financial securities on a simulated market. The team performed admirably in Options trading, Algorithmic trading, and Commodities trading. Patrick, Michael, and Stephen are all expected to return to the competition next year.

All Participants

(l-r) Front Row: Alessia Toritto, Meagan Kehl, Sumiya Abdul Mannan, Andréa Jackson, Natasha DiCienzo. Back Row: Fraser Gray-Smith, Patrick Brennan, Nathan Langen, Michael Yeung, Matthew DiTomaso.
Not Pictured: Stephen Leung, Weike Gao

The total team participated in a number of other case competitions, and represented Western admirably. These competitions include the University of Alberta's EDGE Business competition, in which Nathan, Natasha, Weike, Matthew, and Andréa competed, and placed 3rd as a team (with Matthew and Andréa winning awards for exceptional performance in PR). Additionally, Weike, Patrick, and Fraser competed in the University of Ottawa's Financial Case Competition, in which they placed 4th. Finally, each member also trained by participating in a number of smaller competitions.