Fall 2013-2014 Course Registration


Web Registration



4th Year BMOS Students June 24 August 21
3rd Year BMOS Students July 8 August 21
2nd Year BMOS Students July 16 August 21
1st Year (SAO) BMOS Students June 20 August 21
Extended Web Registration * August 22 September 14
BMOS Special Students July 22 September 14
Non-BMOS Students**, Non-BMOS Special Students** and
Affiliated College Students
August 29 September 14
Priorities Lift (Read notes carefully on the Timetable) July 25

* Extended Web Registration is available to students who have previously registered for courses and have paid their first installment of tuition or applied for OSAP by June 30, 2013.

** Non-BMOS Students and Non-BMOS Special Students on MAIN CAMPUS will be permitted to register in a maximum of 1.0 full or equivalent MOS course on Main Campus via Web Registration.  Students who wish to take MOS 1021A/B and 1023A/B must have completed at least 3.0 credits at Western.

Students registered at the Affiliated University Colleges need written permission from the Dean of their Faculty prior to registering in a course.  Once the permission is on their academic record, they can call the Helpline for enrolment assistance (519-661-2100) Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

If a course is full, please keep trying to add it online, and if the course is still full by the end of Web Registration, go to Paper Add/Drop:

Paper Add/Drop

Monday, September 16 1:00 - 4:00 pm SSC 4317
Tuesday, September 17 9:00 am - 4:00 pm SSC 4317

Restricted Courses

The following list of courses will NOT be available to Non-MOS students under any circumstances:

  • MOS 1022F/G: Introduction to Aviation
  • MOS 2199Y: Professional Pilot Academic Intern I
  • MOS 2242A/B: Statistics for MOS
  • MOS 3199Y: Professional Pilot Academic Intern II
  • MOS 3305A/B: Human Factors in Aviation
  • MOS 3306A/B: Aviation Law 
  • MOS 4199Y: Professional Pilot Academic Intern III
  • MOS 4405F/G: Airport Planning and Management
  • MOS 4406F/G: Airline Operation and Management
  • MOS 4409F/G: Aviation Safety
  • MOS 4410A/B: Strategic Management for MOS
  • MOS 4485F/G: Human Resource Administration for Human Resource Students