DMSA is Honoured at 2013-14 USC Clubs Gala

The First Year Involvement Award honours a University Students' Council (USC) club with specific activities and initiatives that improve the overall university experience of first year students. Amongst Western University's 200 other clubs, the Dan Management Students' Association (DMSA) was recognized for their activities and programming that improved the experience of first year students and impacted the university community for the better.
At the USC's Annual Clubs Appreciation Gala on Monday March 24th, members of the 2013-2014 DMSA executive team (left to right: Dawn Ellis- VP of Events, Matt Leach- Incoming VP of Finance, Lauren Fernandes - President, Marilyn Xu - Incoming VP of Events, Brian Jang - Incoming VP of Communications) were present to receive the award.

DMSA Team accepting their honor

DMSA Award