Fall 2014 Course Registration

Web Registration



4th Year BMOS Students June 23 August 21
MOS 1021A/B and 1023A/B open to ALL Year 1 Students July 4
3rd Year BMOS Students July 7 August 21
2nd Year BMOS Students July 15 August 21
1st Year (SAO) BMOS Students June 19 August 21
BMOS Special Students July 22 September 10
Priorities Lift July 25
Extended Web Registration * August 22 September 10
Non-BMOS Students**, Non-BMOS Special Students** and
Affiliated College Students
Review Restrictions on Academic Timetable

* Extended Web Registration is available to students who have previously registered for courses and have paid their first installment of tuition or applied for OSAP by June 30, 2014.

** Non-BMOS Students and Non-BMOS Special Students on MAIN CAMPUS will be permitted to register in a maximum of 1.0 full or equivalent MOS course on Main Campus via Web Registration.  

Affiliated College students may call the Helpline for enrolment assistance (519-661-2100) Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

If a course is full, please keep trying to add it online, and if the course is still full by the end of Web Registration, go to Paper Add/Drop:

Paper Add/Drop

Thursday, September 11 (Main Campus BMOS Students ONLY) 1:00 - 4:00 pm SSC 4317
Friday, September 12 9:00 am - 4:00 pm SSC 4317

Restricted Courses

The following list of courses will NOT be available to Non-MOS students under any circumstances:

  • MOS 1022F/G: Introduction to Aviation
  • MOS 2199Y: Professional Pilot Academic Intern I
  • MOS 3199Y: Professional Pilot Academic Intern II
  • MOS 3305A/B: Human Factors in Aviation
  • MOS 3306A/B: Aviation Law 
  • MOS 4199Y: Professional Pilot Academic Intern III
  • MOS 4405F/G: Airport Planning and Management
  • MOS 4406F/G: Airline Operation and Management
  • MOS 4409F/G: Aviation Safety
  • MOS 4410A/B: Strategic Management for MOS
  • MOS 4485F/G: Human Resource Administration for Human Resource Students