Course Changes for September

The following updates are effective September 1, 2015:

MOS 1021A/B: Introduction to MOS I is now called: Introduction to Consumer Behavior and Human Resources

MOS 1023A/B: Introduction to MOS II is now called: Introduction to Accounting and Finance

MOS 3363A/B: Introduction to Auditing the prerequisite has been changed to MOS 3361A/B. Students in third year will now plan to enrol in this course in fourth year unless they have already completed MOS 3361A/B. 

MOS 3370A: Management Accounting: Cost is now called: Management Accounting

MOS 3371B: Management Accounting for Decision Making will no longer be offered, but has been replaced.

MOS 4471B: Management Control Systems replaces MOS 3371B for all programs.  If you have already taken MOS 3371B, do not take MOS 4471B unless you intend to repeat the course. For Fall/Winter 2015/2016 ONLY, Year 3 students will be permitted to enrol in this course by permission:

MOS 4467A/B: Professionalism and Ethics is a new course that will be introduced.