DAN Students in the News!

Student Entrepreneur Daniel Black, a second year DAN Management student was featured in the Western News on November 2 after developing a hand balm for hockey players.  

Congratulations Dan and best wishes for success in this venture!

Excerpt from Western News

The wrinkling of his friends’ noses sparked the idea for Dan Black. After a hockey game about a year ago, he was “hanging out with a few buddies” when they asked him, ‘What’s that smell?’ It was his hands.

“I had just showered and everything. But the smell lingers. It’s tough to get rid of,” said Black, a Management and Organizational Studies student at Western.

The smell Black is talking about is known as ‘hockey hands’ in rinks and locker rooms. A whiff of it is akin to smelling dog’s breath, or old pickle juice, he laughed. But it’s a smell that seeps into skin after removing hockey gloves and stays long after the player has showered or washed their hands.

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