Award Ceremony 2017 - June 14

Congratulations again to our 2017 Award Winners.  Today, we had the pleasure of watching 500 graduates receive their Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies degrees followed by a celebration of outstanding students who earned a Dancap Award this year. 

Here are the highlights!   To our students, We are SO proud of you and your achievements.  You have worked exceptionally hard to reach the milestone today. Going forward, we hope you take what you've learned, use it, expand on it, and flourish in your lives! We wish nothing but the best for each one of you!  

Welcome Speech

Group picture

Management Accounting Award Winner: Maki Mavrokefalos

General Accounting Award Winner Morgan Park

Accounting Award Winner Valerie Parrett

CAM Flight Award Winner Malachi Bender-Bennett

CAM Award Winner Wei Ting Lin

Consumer Behavior Award Winner Shahd Khammash

Consumer Behavior Honors Award Winner Corey Bass

Corporate Finance Award Winner Yuan Ma

HRM Award Winner Gurleen Pooni

Hugs and Congratulations

Strategic Management Award Winner Alexandra Maly

Selfie Opportunity!

Alex and John Selfie

MOS Award Winner Ciara Maynard

Chairs Leadership Award Winner Michael Goldie

Chair's Leadership Award Winner Ciara Maynard


Future Leaders Award Winner Heather Clarke

Future Leaders Award Winner Elizabeth Gaskas

Future Leaders Award Winner Maki Mavrokefalos

Future Leaders Award Winner Morgan Park

Future Leaders Award Winner Maryann Sparrow

Matt Leach presents the DMSA Student Association Award to Raymond Leduc, who is currently in Hong Kong teaching our MOS 4410 course!  Congratulations Raymond! Well deserved!

Matt Leach presents the DMSA Award

Congratulations again, students!  You are amazing! 

All Award Winners!