DAN Students in the News

This summer the program was piloted with DAN MOS students. In Summer 2019, the new Liberal Arts Summer Internship Program offers local digital creative and technology employers 25% reimbursement of an intern’s wages  (up to $3,000), and will be expanded to include eligible students enrolled in the Faculties of Arts and Humanities, Information and Media Studies, Music, and Social Science. Further details for employers will become available in early October.

More Valuable Than You Might Think

excerpt from London Inc Magazine

Alexandru Ion was one of five Western students to land a paid internship as part of a pilot project launched this summer.

Ion was placed at Polar Imaging, where he helped the information ­management company analyze their overall marketing strategy and how they interact with clients.

“I applied for the internship program so I could gain real-world experience of what I’ve been learning at school,” he says. ” It’s nice to tie the two together.” 

Congratulations Alexandru Ion!