Are you a New Student coming to Western?

Coming to Western as an Undergraduate Student for the first time? 

You are not alone and we have a program prepared JUST FOR YOU!

Summer Academic Orientation, or SAO, is open to all incoming Year 1 students to help with guiding through the Registration and introduction process.  We understand that leaving home for the first time can be scary and with a campus as large as Western, it can be daunting.  But we're here for you. 

Students who attend SAO will have one on one time with a representative from your program who will ensure the courses you have selected are the best fit for your program.  Your first year is your foundation and we want to ensure that you have chosen the courses will best serve you. 

Your visit to campus will help to familiarize you with Western's structure. Maybe plan to attend a campus tour to learn where all of our facilities are located.  Did you know we have an on campus grocery store? 

SAO is one of the first things ALL students should engage in as they transition to University life.  Even if you have already registered in your courses, why not have one of us look them over? Perhaps answer any outstanding questions you have? 

Not able to attend SAO in person?  NO PROBLEM! We also have online and telephone appointments!

Booking opens on June 5 through:


Not a Year 1 Student? We have Mature Student SAO available too (June 18 and August 20).  Mature Students can book through CareerCentral.