A Note to our Students for Fall 2020

Dear Students,
Welcome back to our community.  To address physical distancing requirements in Ontario,and to ensure your studies are safe, most DAN classes will run online this year. This means that most of our coursework will be in a virtual format, some of which will be synchronous (i.e. all students together in a virtual classroom) and some asynchronous (i.e. allowing students to access material at their convenience).
DAN Management recognizes the importance of in-person learning, as well as the value of interacting with other students and faculty. We will be working to provide as many face to face activities as we are able as well as web based interactive activities, while ensuring everyone’s safety and compliance with recommendations of the health authorities. Updates will be posted regularly on our website.
The Faculty of Social Science maintains a FAQ about common registration/timetable issues. You are encouraged to visit this site prior to registering for your courses.
For additional information and the latest updates, please see:
The Office of the Registrar
UWO’s Student Resources Hub
Geoffrey Wood, 
Department Chair

Daniel Brou,
Associate Chair