Below is a series of frequently asked questions and notices that have come forward due to the adjustments from the COVID-19 pandemic.  This page will be updated regularly as new information is available.

The University remains closed to in-person traffic at this time. We are continuing to operate virtually. Should you have any questions for the DAN Department, please contact us at

The Registrar's Office has also provided a list of FAQs for students. Visit their Updates webpage and review topics carefully:

Winter Term 2020:

How can I find out how my MOS courses grade will be calculated for this term?

Most Professors and Instructors have now provided an updated course syllabus which has been posted to your OWL and also on to our website.  Click on (Revised) beside the course title to review the changes.

If you have questions about the revision, please consult with your Professor via email/OWL. 

If you have questions about your program/courses, please email the DAN Management Program Advisors:

Can I choose Pass/Fail for my grades?

Some of our second term (B/G) courses have chosen Pass/Fail as the grading scheme; however, the Registrar's Office has released information that Pass/Fail will be an option to students who request it.  This policy applies only to second term (B/G) or full year courses from Fall/Winter 2019/20. 

We caution students in choosing this, however, as it may impact applications outside of Western (ie: graduate schools).  Students should do careful research before requesting Pass/Fail.

Please review GRADES on the Registrar's website for all details (updated April 6).

What does Pass/Fail mean?

Instead of a percent grade, your records and transcript will show PASS or FAIL where the grade normally appears.

If students receive a PASS, it indicates a grade of 50% or higher. 
If students receive a FAIL, it indicates a grade of 49.9% or lower.  In the case of a FAIL, it will be considered an unsuccessful attempt in a course and will not count towards your degree requirements. It may affect your entrance or progression in your program (for example; entering or maintaining an Honors degree). 

Review admission/progression requirements on our website

How will my Professional Designation look at Pass/Fail grades? (ie: CPA, HRPA)

Since students have the option to pursue Pass/Fail for their second term courses, it is important to take note of the requirements set out by any Professional Designations.  We can ensure you meet degree requirements; however, we cannot speak for those designations. 

Most designations have recognized the extraordinary circumstances and are permitting students to apply with pass/fail grades rather than numeric grades; with caution, however, as your numerical grades will still be calculated and you must meet their minimum averages for enrolment.  

If you have concerns about your designation, we recommend that you contact them directly. You can also read the COVID information websites below:



Summer Term 2020:

Will my Intersession/Summer Evening/Summer Day course be offered?

Summer courses normally offered by Intersession, Summer Evening and Summer Day will continue to be offered during their regular session.  The only shift you will experience is that courses are offered online through programs such as OWL; and your examinations will occur virtually.

Many courses still have space available. Visit your Student Centre to activate and add.

You can review courses and availability on the online Timetable.

How will my I know how the Summer course is structured?

There are a few ways to find out information: 

  • Review the course syllabus on our website, if available.  We are working with the Instructors to ensure that all Syllabi will be available prior to the first day of classes.
  • If you are enrolled, visit the OWL site.
  • Email the instructor listed on the Timetable or our website.  If no instructor is listed, check back later as we complete our summer hiring process.

Be aware of add and drop deadlines. These are also available on the Registrar's website. 

Fall/Winter Term 2020/2021:

Will courses be online in Fall/Winter 2020?

The majority of the MOS courses will be in the online format for Fall and Winter.  There are a few courses which will be taught in person.  When reviewing the courses on the online Timetable, you will notice that some online classes still have "lecture times".  These are not in person, but are scheduled times that you will meet with the instructor for a lecture.  Prior to registering for your courses, ensure that you will be available to attend this synchronous lecture at the time it is scheduled. All times listed are EST/DST London, Ontario, Canada time. 

Visit our Course Information webpage for updated course information including indications of which classes will be synchronous (denoted by an "S" next to the course title) and which will be in person (denoted by "In Person). 

Course syllabi will be posted as they come available. 

If I am ill during the Fall/Winter term, what do I do?

The illness policy for Fall/Winter is still being developed.  As information is made available, we will post it here and on our Illness Policy page. 

Additionally, the Office of the Registrar has provided this website regarding Academic Considerations which will be updated as the policy is revised:

Be aware of add and drop deadlines. These are also available on the Registrar's website.