DAN Faculty in the News

Professor Bonnie Simpson was featured in the Western News on March 17, 2020 in an article titled: Panicked Consumers seek control amid the crisis

Excerpt from the Western News:

Empty shelves once filled with rolls and rolls of toilet paper. It is one of the more enduring – and strange – images of the COVID-19 crisis in Canada.

But scenes like these are not uncommon in times of stress as they are all products of the often irrational consumer mind, according to a Western consumer behaviour expert.

“When it comes to items like toilet paper, this is generally because when we feel threatened we focus on core and immediate needs – very utility-based items,” said Bonnie Simpson, a DAN Department of Management and Organizational Studies professor. “We focus on tangible things we can use to try to gain control of a situation that feels out of control.

“Being able to buy things we might need helps us gain that sense of control.”

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