Course/Program Changes for 2021

The following courses have been revised to online learning: 

MOS 3343B - 001 has been changed to Section 650 (asynchronous)

MOS 3384B - 001 has been changed to Section 650 (asynchronous)

MOS 3385B - 001 has been changed to Section 650 (asynchronous)

MOS 3385B - 002 has been changed to Section 651 (asynchronous)

Honors Specialization and Specialization in Management & Legal Studies

Political Science 2246E has been discontinued. 

For Fall/Winter 2020 ONLY: In lieu of this requirement, students should plan to take Political Science 2201G (Special Topics) and a 0.5 MOS 2000-level (not used elsewhere in the module) to satisfy the requirement for PS 2246E for their module.  

For Fall/Winter 2021 Onward: Students must complete Political Science 2546F/G (Public Administration) and 2547F/G (The Policy Process in Theory and Practice)

Review the most recent version of the checklists linked above.  If you have questions, please reach out to the Program Advisors


MOS 2296B: Selected Topics in MOS

TOPIC: Contemporary Issues in Aviation Management

A course for students interested in how system and organizational design affect management decisions.  Using examples drawn from the aviation industry, this course explores current issues in areas such as organizational resilience (e.g. to pandemics), labour relations, technology modernization, sustainability and finance to help students understand management decision making in applied contexts.

No requisites. Open to all.

MOS 4472A/B: Accounting Information Systems

This course focuses on the strategic context of the flow of accounting information from a systems perspective, specifically, the needs and responsibilities of accountants as users of technology. The impact of new technologies and emerging issues in accounting will be integrated throughout the course.

Prerequisite(s): MOS 3361A/B, MOS 3370A/B, and enrolment in 4th year of BMOS.