Course/Program Changes for 2021

Honors Specialization and Specialization in Management & Legal Studies

Political Science 2246E has been discontinued. 

For Fall/Winter 2020 ONLY: In lieu of this requirement, students should plan to take Political Science 2201G (Special Topics) and a 0.5 MOS 2000-level (not used elsewhere in the module) to satisfy the requirement for PS 2246E for their module.  

For Fall/Winter 2021 Onward: Students must complete Political Science 2546F/G (Public Administration) and 2547F/G (The Policy Process in Theory and Practice)

Review the most recent version of the checklists linked above.  If you have questions, please reach out to the Program Advisors


MOS 4472A/B: Accounting Information Systems

This course focuses on the strategic context of the flow of accounting information from a systems perspective, specifically, the needs and responsibilities of accountants as users of technology. The impact of new technologies and emerging issues in accounting will be integrated throughout the course.

Prerequisite(s): MOS 3361A/B, MOS 3370A/B, and enrolment in 4th year of BMOS.