Course/Program Changes for 2022

The following changes will take effect September 1, 2022:

Psychology 2820E: Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology has been removed from the course offerings in the Department of Psychology.  As a result of this, it has been removed from all DAN Management modules. Students who have taken it may use it towards the Statistics requirement for their degree program. 

Year 1 Social Science Requirement: The Year 1 Social Science requirement has been updated for clarification. Currently, it states "1.0 course numbered 1000-1999 from Social Science".  It will be revised to state: "1.0 course numbered 1000-1999 from the Faculty of Social Science" to capture that it must be a course taken in the Faculty from one of the Departments such as History, Sociology, Geography, etc.

AccountingFor students ENTERING the Accounting modules in September 1, 2022 FOR THE FIRST TIME, you will be required to complete MOS 4472A/B: Accounting Information Systems instead of MOS 4467A/B: Professionalism & Ethics.  
MOS 4472A/B will be replacing Computer Science 1032A/B for the CPA-Ontario Preparatory Course Requirements.

Accounting: For students who have not taken CS 1032 before January 1, 2023 and wish to be eligible for the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP), you must now enrol in MOS 4472B.  MOS 4472A/B replaced Computer Science 1032A/B for the CPA Ontario Information Technology requirement .



MOS 4485F/G: Human Resources Administration for HR Students has been renamed: Human Resource Management: Looking Back, Moving Forward

The course description and prerequisites will be:

This course considers both managerial choice and the influence of context on strategies for managing people and how human resource management (HRM) policies and practices such as reward, performance management, training and employee voice might be used to different effect and effectiveness in various organizations. 


Prerequisite(s):  Completion of 2.5 of the following: MOS 3280F/G, MOS 3342A/B, MOS 3343A/B, MOS 3344A/B, MOS 3352F/G, MOS 3383A/B, MOS 3384A/B and enrolment in 4th year of Human Resource Management module in BMOS.


MOS 4479A/B: Business Ethics & Sustainability

The course will familiarize students with ethical issues in businesses and help them make socially responsible decisions. The course will provide students with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify, critically analyze and resolve ethical issues that they are likely to encounter as organizational members.

Prerequisite(s): Enrollment in 3rd or 4th year of the BMOS program.