Shahbaz Sheikh


Associate Professor
PhD, International Economics and Finance, International Business School, Brandeis University, USA (2004)

Office: SSC 4416
Phone: 519-661-2111 x82294

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Shahbaz Sheikh is Associate Professor of Finance at the DAN department of Management and Organizational Studies and a Senior Fellow, Network for Economic and Social Trends (NEST), Faculty of Social Science, Western University. Before joining Western in 2005, he taught at International Business School and the Department of Economics at Brandeis University, USA. He is actively involved in doing research on topics in Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance with a special focus on CEO compensation. Recently, he has been working on the role of Corporate Social responsibility in the modern corporation. He has authored (co-authored) 25 articles in peer reviewed finance journals since 2005. He teaches courses in Corporate Finance, Derivatives and Risk Management. He is the recipient of multiple teaching awards including the CMA Teaching Award, University Student Council (USC) Teaching Honour Roll, and the Faculty of Social Science Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.


Corporate Finance, Derivatives and Risk Management


Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Institutional Economics


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