Faculty in the news - COVID-19 and Digitalization

Professor Geoffrey Wood, Chair of the DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies, recently shared his latest paper titled: COVID-19 and digitalization: The great acceleration" in the following article.

Excerpt from the Social Science News

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalization of many workplaces, and it is not a pattern that is likely to be reversed, although the form it takes is likely to continue to change.

While the move to remote work led to a quick adoption of digital workplaces, Geoffrey Wood, professor and chair of the DAN Department of Management & Organization Studies, said the process is likely at a bit of plateau, as people and firms consider the changes that have occurred.

Wood and his co-authors examined how the COVID-19 drove or constrained the digitalization of business in a paper ‘COVID-19 and digitalization: The great acceleration’, published in the Journal of Business Research.

“There will likely be a period of consolidation, maybe even a period of unwinding, but,” said Wood, the move toward digitalization “is an inevitable process.”

Digitalization is more than just the more to remote working and paperless offices, but “about the usage of data in novel forms, given the decline of traditional forms of exchange, and the decline of sharing of ideas in the office space.”

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