Fall 2021 Course Registration

Please review registration dates carefully.

View your personal Enrolment start date on  https://student.uwo.ca/

Web Registration



4th Year BMOS Students July 5 - 9
3rd Year BMOS Students July 12 - 16
2nd Year BMOS Students July 19 - 23
1st Year BMOS Students June 5
Athletes Year 2 - 4 June 28
Non-BMOS Students** 
Affiliated College Students***
Review Restrictions on the  Academic Timetable
Priority Enrolment Period ends July 27 @ 11:59 p.m.
Priority Change Date #1 July 28 Registration Unavailable
Registration Resumes (All students) July 29 August 3 @ 11:59 p.m.
Priority Change Date #2 August 4 Registration Unavailable
Registration Resumes (All Students) August 5
First-term and Full-year Course Registration Ends September 16 @ 11:59 p.m.
Second-term Course Registration Ends January 11 @ 11:59 p.m.


** Non-BMOS Students on MAIN CAMPUS will be permitted to register in a maximum of 1.0 full or equivalent MOS course on Main Campus via Web Registration. No exceptions!  Review course restrictions carefully! 

*** Affiliated College students must contact their Program Advisor/Counsellor to discuss course requirements and request enrolment assistance. 

Do I have to take MOS 1021A/B before 1023A/B? 

No, despite their sequential course numbers, these courses do not have to be taken in numerical order. You may chose to take them in reverse (ie: 1023A and 1021B) or you may take them in the same term (ie: 1021A and 1023A).

What if the course I want is full? 

If a MOS course is full, please keep trying to add it online.  Some courses now have waitlists available.  Check the course constraint or Student Centre when enrolling. 

If you are in your graduating year, registered in BMOS on Main Campus, and a mandatory MOS course you require is full, please contact us immediately for assistance. 

Please note that Priority is set so that you have access to the courses you require. Delaying your course registration until after the Priorities have lifted may result in registration difficulties as we often lift priority to allow for non-MOS students to take our courses as electives.  Register early to save stress!

For courses outside of DAN Management, please contact that Department for assistance. 

Where do I find information about Courses offered?

There are several resources students should be familiar with: 
Academic Calendar - for course and program descriptions, and Academic regulations
Academic Timetable - for course availability, date, time, location and any restrictions
Program Website - for course checklists, course syllabi, etc.

New for 2021, waitlists are now available for some courses, & be sure to check the Delivery mode of the courses in the timetable. Some courses may be offered online asynchronously, online synchronously, blended, or in-person. 

Have more questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions!