Participant Pool for Students

A central characteristic of scientific knowledge is that it is based on systematic observations in empirical research studies. This is also true for management/organizational knowledge about human behaviour, which is based on observations from research studies in natural settings and laboratories. To familiarize students with the methods of scientific research studies in management and to provide first-hand experiences with the procedures presented in lectures, MOS 1021 includes a mandatory research experience component. This research experience component requires students to earn three research credits.

Research credits can be earned by (a) participating in research studies and (b) completing article reviews. Students can complete any combination of research studies and article reviews to earn their three research credits.

(a)   Participating in research studies

The research study component involves completing tasks and/or questionnaires about topics related to human resources or consumer behaviour. Each research study will take less than one hour to complete and will count for either 0.5 credits or 1.0 credits. Shorter studies will be worth 0.5 credits each, while longer studies will be worth 1.0 credits each. Students can sign up for studies at Log-in information and other important details about the research study component will be discussed by the instructor at the first lecture.

(b)  Completing article reviews

The article review component involves reading and answering a series of questions about a research article chosen from a selection available online at the DAN Management website. Each article review will count for 1.0 credit. All article reviews must be submitted through the MOS 1021 course website on OWL and are subject to TurnItIn, a service designed to detect and deter plagiarism by comparing written material to over 5 billion pages of content located on the Internet or in TurnItIn’s databases. All papers submitted for such checking will be included as source documents in the reference database for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of papers subsequently submitted to the system. Use of the service is subject to the licencing agreement, currently between Western and

Students who fail to earn three credits by 4:00pm on the last day of classes in the term will have two percentage points deducted from their final grades for each credit that they fail to earn (for a maximum possible deduction of six percentage points from their final grade).

For example, a student who earned a grade of 60% in the course but completed none of the research credits would finish the course with a grade of 54%.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed the required number of credits by the deadline.

Students who sign up for a study but fail to attend the study at the required time on two occasions will have no further opportunity to participate in a research study. Instead, the students must complete the article review option or receive a deduction to their grade (2 percentage points per credit missed).

Students who disagree with or wish to appeal their research participation grade will have until the date of their final exam in MOS 1021 to do so. No revisions to the research participation grade will be made after this date.

The research experience component will be discussed at the first lecture.

You can sign up to participate in a research study by clicking on the link “Research Participation System Login.”

Research Participation System Login

Please find detailed instructions for the article review task and a list of articles to choose from in the links provided below.

Student Instructions for Article Review

List of Approved Journal Articles