Special Topics Courses


MOS 3395A: Consumer Brand Management

Consumer-Brand Management provides a consumer psychology-based framework for developing and fostering brand equity. The course provides students with a nuanced understanding and application of the underlying consumer processes that influence factors such as brand image, identification, and loyalty and provides the opportunity to execute this framework to develop brand strategy.

Prerequisites: MOS 2320A/B and enrolment in third or fourth year of BMOS.

MOS 4495B: Mergers & Acquisitions

This course is designed to provide the tools necessary to understand and analyze corporate merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. Students will learn background knowledge and practical issues in M&A transactions, such as the motives and strategies, valuation, and managerial incentives, and practice M&A valuation techniques using real data.

Prerequisites: MOS 3311A/B and enrolment in fourth year of BMOS.

MOS 4498B: Data Analytics

Business analytics is critical for any organization to understand; it can help them to make better decisions by turning large amounts of data into meaningful, actionable information. This course will take the business knowledge students have and combine it with technical and presentations skills that will allow them to make better, more informed management decisions.

The course may be of interest to those wanting to pursue a career in analytics as well as those who want to improve their analytical skills using Excel.

Prerequisites: Enrolment in fourth year of BMOS.