Intent to Register


Who needs to complete an Intent to Register?

Year 2, 3, or 4 students applying to or changing their module in DAN Management; and ALL Year 1 students will fill out their Intent to Register online. Detailed information on the process will be sent to your UWO email.

Students continuing in the exact same module(s) do not need to take any action; however we do recommend that you complete it anyway. 

Do we submit a separate ITR form if you are adding a Minor?

No, you should ensure that you select the right category in the degree selection so you can choose your primary degree (Specialization or Honors Specialization) and your choice of Minor. If you choose Specialization or Honors Specialization alone, you will not be able to add a Minor when you choose your modules.  Simply go back, and ensure you check Specialization or Honors Specialization with a Minor.

What if I am late submitting my Intent to Register? Can this be resolved, or will I have to wait until next year to declare my program?

Students may submit a Late Intent to Register after the March 31 deadline, however, you will be given a course registration date later than those of other students in your year.  Contact the Academic Counselling office for advice.

Can I change my mind when I'm in second year?

Students making any changes will submit an Intent to Register every year they plan to study at Western. Therefore, you may decide to change your mind each year you study, however, be mindful of the courses required for your intended program if you plan to finish your degree in four years.  You must follow and complete the courses required by the program you intend to graduate from.

Not sure what to do?  Contact us!


What is the difference between an Honors Specialization and Specialization?

For most of our modules, the difference is largely the average you require to pursue the Honors program.  There are some course differences.  Visit our checklists to see the differences. 
The biggest difference lies in our Finance modules where there are Honors level Economics embedded in the Honors Specialization.  We recommend you speak with our office upon gaining admission to the Honors Finance module to ensure you make the best selections.

How does the Honors Double Major differ from the Honors Specialization?

An Honors Double Major requires fewer courses than an Honors Specialization. If you plan to study an Honors Double Major, you must select a second Major from a discipline outside of DAN Management and you will satisfy the Major requirements for that area within your courses.  A Major requires 6.0 or 7.0 modular courses where an Honors Specialization requires between 10.0 and 11.5 modular courses, so essentially you are obtaining more information in one area by studying a Specialization rather than a Major.  
The next major difference is the average required to enter these programs.  The Honors Double Major is slightly less than the Honors Specialization. 


What average do I need to progress from year to year?

For any of Specialization, you must maintain an overall cumulative average of 65%.

For any Honors Specialization or Honors Double Major, you must have a modular average of 70% with no individual modular course less than 60%, a pass in all elective courses, and an overall cumulative average of at least 65%.

Is it 73% overall or just in the principal courses for Honors Specialization?

Depending on which year you are in will determine which averages we must consider.

For students requesting to enter Honors in their second year, you must attain a 73% average on your 3.0 Principal courses with no individual grade less than 60%, and a pass in your 2.0 elective courses. 

For students requesting to enter Honors in a senior year, you must attain:

  • a 73% average on your 3.0 1000-level Principal courses with no individual grade less than 60%;
  • a 73% overall average on your last 5.0 courses;
  • an overall modular average of 70% with no individual modular course less than 60%;
  • a cumulative overall average of 65%.

If you are currently IN an Honors Specialization and wish to progress, you must ensure you:

  • maintained a cumulative modular average of 70%;
  • obtained a minimum grade of 60% in each individual modular course;
  • obtained a passing grade in each elective course;
  • maintain an overall cumulative average of 65%.

What if I receive less than 60% in an elective course?

For any of our programs, you need only pass your elective courses.  A pass is a grade of 50% or higher.

What if I receive less than 70% in a modular course?

For a Specialization, the individual averages do not affect your progression in our modules. For current BMOS students, you must have a 65% cumulative overall average to progress. For students applying into Specialization, you must have a 70% on your last 5.0 courses, and a 65% cumulative overall average.

For an Honors Double Major or Honors Specialization, the individual grades in your modular courses must be at least 60%, but your modular average must be at least 70%.

What if I fail a class? Can any exceptions be made?

To enter or remain in an Honors program, you may not have any failed grades (<50%) on your transcript.  If you fail a course, you will be removed from the Honors program at the next adjudication period and must meet the Admission requirements to be readmitted.  You then have the choice to repeat the course, take one of its antirequisites, or complete a Specialization.
Since our Honors program is limited enrolment, no exceptions will be granted. 

I have taken more than two 1000-level Math courses.  How will you calculate my admission average for Honors?

Typically, we will select the best two of your Math courses, and the others will be considered as an elective course. 

I plan to take MOS 1021A/B and 1023A/B in the summer, will you still consider me for Honors or Specialization?

To enter the Honors program, students must meet the minimum requirements, which includes MOS 1021A/B and 1023A/B. If by the adjudication period in May, you have not completed the minimum requirements, you will be ineligible to enter Honors and will have to request Honors on your next Intent to Register.  

You require MOS 1021A/B and 1023A/B for the Specialization but they are not mandatory for entering the module, so as long as you meet the entrance average for the Specialization, you will be deemed eligible to enter.

I am changing from one Honors Specialization to another; do I need to meet the admission requirements again?

No, you are already deemed eligible for Honors so you may progress into another Honors.

1) students changing into the Honors Specialization in Finance must also meet the requirements set by the Department of Economics for the 2100-level Economics courses, if taken. 

2) our Honors programs are limited enrolment and some have reached this capacity. 

Is there a maximum number of students that may be enrolled in Honors?

Yes, our Honors degrees are limited enrolment, and several of our modules have been reaching this limit.  We monitor this each May when we complete adjudication.
Students intending to apply to Honors must meet the minimum requirements, however, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Do you assess transfer credits?

Yes, all students planning to pursue a degree in DAN Management should visit our office to meet with an Advisor to have their credits assessed and a checklist completed.  This will help you in your course selections and prevent any repeated credits from occurring.  

Review our Transfer Students page. 

One of the Principal courses is a transfer credit, how do you calculate my average for Honors Specialization?

Typically, if a student has been granted admission with a transfer credit, we will use an alternative course taken at Western University in the calculation of the average.  We would not require you to retake that credit. 


I am a first year non-BMOS student, but I haven't completed 5.0 courses.  Am I eligible?

A non-BMOS student can only apply to the DAN Management program when they have completed at least 5.0 courses with an overall average of 70%. If you do not meet this, you may take courses in Intersession in the summer and request to enter a Specialization in the Fall.

The courses must be completed by June 30, and you must contact us as soon as your grades are posted. 

If I have not met the minimum requirements before May, when do I apply again for Honors?

We only assess students for the Honors programs during the May Adjudication due to the limited enrolment of our Honors , so to be considered for Honors you must apply on your next Intent to Register and we will check you for Honors in that following May. 
For students entering fourth year and planning to graduate, please speak with one of our Advisors to discuss your options.

What if my average is too low? Can I appeal?

If a student is unsuccessful in progressing in the BMOS program because their cumulative overall average falls below 65%, they will be required to obtain re-admission to the program. To be re-admitted, a student must:

a) achieve an overall average of 70% on 5.0 courses taken while out of BMOS;
b) achieve a cumulative average of 65%

NOTE: Students not currently in the MOS program are reviewed for re-admission during the Adjudication period held in May based on their request on their Intent to Register. Students who are unsuccessful in entering BMOS in May may request a review in July if they have completed Intersession courses (must be complete by June 30) and meet the above requirements. This pertains ONLY to students who were NOT in MOS in the prior term and have taken at least 5.0 courses since last registered in the MOS program.

Students who wish to appeal and have DOCUMENTED circumstances, may do so before the deadline of June 30 each calendar year.  Appeals will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Chair.  You can review the conditions and rights to appeal here.


Can I complete a Minor in BMOS?

No, we do not offer any Minors in our program.  Our options are limited to Honors Specialization, Honors Double Major, or Specialization.

If I am registered in an Honors Specialization, should I complete an additional Major or Minor?

A Minor can be an asset to your program, particularly if it's in a related field or something of interest to you.  If you can fit an Minor into your elective courses, then yes, feel free to add a Minor in when you complete your Intent to Register.  Before doing so, ensure that you have completed the admission requirements to enter that Minor.
We do not recommend a Major with an Honors Specialization because of the lack of elective courses within your Honors Specialization.  As an example, a Western degree is 20.0 courses: an Honors Specialization in Accounting module requires 10.0 courses, you have 5.0 1000 -1999 courses, leaving you with only 5.0 elective courses.  A Major typically requires 6.0 or 7.0 courses, therefore it would take you longer to finish your degree. 

Can I overlap courses between my Honors Specialization and Minor/Major?

No, students are not permitted to have ANY course overlaps in a BMOS degree.  If you plan to pursue a Major or Minor that requires an overlap, you should consult with an Advisor to discuss how this forced overlap is managed. 

Can I apply for a Minor next year?

Yes, if you have not yet taken the admission requirement for your intended Minor, you may choose to take that course next year and apply at your next Intent to Register. Ensure you plan your courses accordingly so that you are able to finish your Minor requirements by the time you intend to graduate.


I am from an Affiliated College.  Do I require MOS 1021A/B and 1023A/B?

Yes, you must complete these two critical courses for prerequisite and program purposes. They are required for the main campus program and therefore, are mandatory. You may choose to take them after you have been admitted to Main Campus. 

Can I transfer from Kings/Brescia/Huron to Main Campus?

Yes, you must meet the minimum requirements to transfer from the Affiliated colleges to Main Campus into a Specialization.  This means achieving a 70% average on your last 5.0 courses with an overall cumulative average of 70%.  
Once you are at Main Campus, you will then be permitted to take MOS 1021A/B and 1023A/B.  


I am an AEO Student.  Which program should I ask for?

This is your decision.  We have six modular programs to choose from and each student has their own strengths and weaknesses. Choose the program that best suits you and then select appropriate courses in your second year.

What courses should I focus on in order to get into Ivey?

If you are AEO, read the Information Booklet that you received from Ivey.  It will explain your best course of action for your second year. At a minimum, you should select: 1.0 course: Business 2257, 2.0 modular courses (any course listed on the module checklist), 2.0 elective courses.

ADJUDICATION (What happens after ITR?)

How does the adjudication process work?

At the end of the academic year, the Faculties and Departments on campus assess the students' Intent to Register request.  This process is what we call adjudication.  Each student is checked against their request and it is determined if they have met requirements and may enter or proceed, or if they have not met requirements and are denied.

This process takes the majority of May to complete and then all of the results must be coded into the students' records.  Usually by about mid-June, students will receive their adjudication results through their Student Centre > Web Academic Report.  Around that time, emails will be sent from the Office of the Registrar to notify you of your Course Registration Start day. 

Which grades are considered for the adjudication?

Any courses completed before or during the previous Academic year are considered (ie: courses completed on or before April 30).  We do not consider any courses taken during that current summer term. 

When do I find out if I am eligible for my ITR Request?

Adjudication occurs through the month of May.  Typically, students can expect to view their results around mid-June on the Student Centre > Web Academic Report.