Employer Responsibilities

It is expected that employers will:

  • Post job opportunities and arrange interviews through Western's Careers & Experience
  • Extend all job offers through Western's Careers & Experience
  • Confirm acceptance of job offers and terms of employment in writing to students and to the institution
  • Honour all offers of employment
  • Provide accurate and complete information on job responsibilities, compensation, and benefits
  • Assign a mentor or advisor to assist the students to identify goals and clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Treat the students as employees, let their expectations be like those of their co-workers
  • Provide the students with relevant training and development opportunities
  • Monitor the students' progress, and provide formal/informal feedback on a timely basis to both the students and to the institution
  • Provide Western Careers & Experience with a copy of the employment contract, where possible
  • If, in the rare event that you wish to terminate an Intern or an Internship position, please contact HireSocialSci@uwo.ca as soon as possible.
 *based on Best Practices Guidelines of the Canadian Association for Internship Programs