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What is an Internship?

The DAN Management Internship Program is Western's cooperative education opportunity for undergraduate DAN Management & Organizational Studies students. It allows qualified students to work in full-time, paid, career-related placements for an extended period, at a senior point in their studies.  Under the DAN Management Internship Program, students work for a period of 8 to 16 months before returning to complete the final year of a 4 year undergraduate Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies degree. 

Employers may create internship opportunities for students in Accounting, Commercial Aviation Management, Consumer Behavior, Finance, Human Resources Management, and Management & Legal Studies

Benefits to Hiring a DAN Management Intern:

  • Gain access to high-quality students
  • Bring added enthusiasm and drive to your organization 
  • Leverage the extended work term to save on recruitment training and costs
  • Evaluate student potential as a full-time hire!
  • Have a student ambassador to promote your organization to future interns


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