Industry Internship Program

The DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies offers an Industry Internship Program (IIP) for those students interested in gaining practical experience in industry. In this program, students spend 8 to 16 months working in industry between completion of their third year and commencement of their fourth year in DAN Management. Students approved and accepted into an internship work term will be registered in MOS 3494 for which they will receive 1.0 credit (Pass/Fail) upon successful completion of the internship and all other mandatory components.

The DAN Management Internship program was created in 2003 to allow students to enhance their classroom education with real-world paid positions in the business community.  In the past, DAN Management students have been hired by many employers such as: 3M, Blackberry, BROSE, CAA, Canada Revenue Agency, Celestica, CIBC, EF Education, Formet Industries, General Motors (Cami), Grant Thornton, Honda, Hydro One, IBM, Imperial Oil, Labatt's, McCormick, Munich Re, OES, RBC, Sanofi, Scotiabank, Siemens Canada, Sun Life Financial, Toronto Hydro, Transformed Shared Service Organization, and Western. Internship students have also held degree-related positions such as: accountant, business system analyst, commodity management associate, corporate communication associate, financial analyst, human resources coordinator, IT business analyst, junior controller, marketing coordinator, process analyst and many more.

Many of Canada's top 100 companies recruit students in DAN Management's Industry Internship Program.  The companies post jobs through Western's Careers & Experience during the October to August period.  These jobs are reserved only for students enrolled in the IIP.  Each company selects and interviews its candidates on campus and then makes job offers to the students through Western Connect starting in October and continuing into the summer months.  In addition to industry job postings, students may find their own employment.  These positions must involve degree related work experience.

Many employers find that this program is even better than a traditional co-op program or summer internship as it gives the employer a longer time to assess the students and the students are able to work on advanced projects and see them through from beginning to end. The students feel that they are better motivated and have a well-crystallized plan for their careers after gaining valuable work experience and contacts in the industry. DAN Management at Western feels this is a real Win/Win situation.

If after reviewing the DAN Management Internship website you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DAN Management Internship Coordinator:

Michelle Loveland
519-661-2111 x84931
SSC 4414

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