DAN Management Internship Program

The DAN Management Internship Program is a cooperative education opportunity for undergraduate DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies students. The program will facilitate paid and career-related placements for qualified students who will work full-time for 8 to 16 months, following the third year of study. As with a traditional co-op degree, graduation is delayed by one year while the student acquires marketable skills and work experience.

Internship placement opportunities may be available in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. The total number of placements per year will vary based on the individual needs of participating employers.


There is a wide range of benefits to the student who pursues the Industry Internship including soft skills like resume writing.



What requirements do you need to enter the Industry Internship Program?


Enrollment Steps

What steps do you need to take to enrol in the Industry Internship?


How to Apply for Internship Postings

You're eligible, been accepted into the Industry Internship, and now to Apply!



Our expectations of you before, and after entering an Internship.


Fees & Policies

A summary of the mandatory fees, additional course requests, and policies while on Internship.


Important Considerations

Additional considerations such as moving expenses, taxes and scholarship deferrals.


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