Whether you are trying a career on for size or establishing a competitive edge, a DAN Management internship will allow you to:

  • Obtain first-hand knowledge of available career options.
  • Experience the process of accessing the job market.
  • Gain paid work experience.
  • Take advantage of mentorship opportunities.
  • Develop marketable skills.
  • Build your professional network.
  • Secure career-relevant references.
  • Leverage potential to secure full-time employment upon graduation.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to professional development and lifelong learning

While acquiring valuable work experience, you will obtain first-hand knowledge of available career options. In a number of cases, Internship placements have led to full-time employment upon graduation, while in other instances interns have made valuable contacts who have then helped the students to secure employment at a later date. Don't just take our word for it, hear from Anuja who completed an internship during her undergraduate degree:

“Working at 3M Canada for 12 months was a career-changing experience for me. Not only did I tackle numerous real world business challenges, but I was able to reaffirm my passion for human resources outside a theoretical setting.  Through coupling skills that have been acquired in the classroom with skills that were attained in the workforce, the internship experience has truly enhanced my educational development.”  -Anuja, Human Resources Intern at 3M

2020-21 Internship Salary Range

Subject Area Average High/Low
  1. Finance
  2. Human Resources Management
  3. Consumer Behavior (Marketing)
  4. Accounting
  5. Public Administration (discontinued)
$ 44,201 $ 56,659 / $ 35,360