Eligibility Criteria

All students enrolled in the 3rd year* of a 4-year undergraduate BMOS degree in DAN Management are eligible for the DAN Management Internship Program if they satisfy all of the minimum qualifications.

To be eligible for the DAN Management Internship Program, students must:

  • be Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and International Students
  • be enrolled full-time in their third year of a DAN Management (BMOS) degree program at Western's Main Campus
  • be in good standing with the Department and the Dean's Office
  • have a minimum academic average of 70% in previous 5.0 courses with successful completion of (or current enrollment in) Business Administration 2257
  • be returning to full-time student status (at least 3.5 credits) in Western's BMOS degree program after the internship to complete your undergraduate degree
  • have completed all steps as outlined in the Application Process

*Additional opportunities may include an internship work term between years four and five of an eligible academic program, or between years one and year two of a second degree. A student who has an academic offense on their record may be ineligible for enrollment in the Internship Program.

If you meet all criteria except the 70% academic average requirement, you may request a re-assessment in mid-January once your fall term grades are in by emailing mosintern@uwo.ca.